Monday, December 31, 2007

Fuck that guy.

Shoko Asahara's daughters are seeking 5 million yen (US$44,224) in damages from the government and the physician supervising the 52-year old former Aum Shinrikyo guru, Kyodo News agency said late Friday.

Sorry to keep the 'murder-death-kill' thing going on at YR here, but really I do think that Aum Shinrikyo was the definitive terrorist event of people from my generation (911 was by the time we were full-fledged, albeit drunk as hell, adults).

Happy new year and stay safe.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Best. Christmas. Engrish. Ever.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Uh... America... WTF?

This song is called 'Smell Yo Dick.'

Shit like this is why you don't see a brother leaving the house no more.


Screaming Arubeto David at a crucified Santa exhibit. Is it Christmas already?

I certainly hope everybody is having a festive holiday season, and that you are all stoked for the upcoming birthday of everybody`s favorite Zombie. Ditto to my pork-dodging brethren out there as well.

Me? I need a vacation, yo.

Tokyo is a blast, as always, but I am starting to feel just a bit constricted. I have a lot going on here, and like a lot of people time management is a hard thing for me... it`s not uncommon for me to sit idly and stare at my wall for long periods, especially since I copped a projector. I`m ready to slow down, but like a lot of people my work is becoming my life, in that I socialize to get more contacts, build a network, get a better job, learn more about web marketing, etc.

It can be alienating, or fun, depending on the mood and the ego of the person I happen to be commiserating with at the time.

Lately I have been gripped by an oddly hollow and exhausted feeling. A few of my friends left the country, and it`s been odd having them not be here anymore... it`s not like I was superdependent on them or anything, but we had so much in common and shared those odd, unspoken and archaic bonds of young dudes who are making their way in a world that would just assume kill them and take the gold out of their teeth than acknowledge them.

Plus, frankly, we were fucking freaks, and that goes a loooong way when you`re in a country filled with normal people. It`s not like I`ll be talking about Mayhem with anybody at my office any time soon.

But alas, there you are, a little bit older and with your buddies back home. At least I have a decent amount of money saved up. I`m also dating WAY the hell out of my ever-decreasing league, which is nice.

Links and other information to come tomorrow.

* = I make it out 2 or 3 times a week, but lately I find that I`m often watching Ghost in The Shell and Heroes whilst trying to stay warm at the new crib instead of, you know, interacting with other living beings or seeing `the puss.`

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sometimes I miss comments...

From this post about bad foreign dude haircuts.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Another witty blog of some emoting fucktard. Lem'me went to Japan because there you feel special. You are the definition of an obnoxious asshat.

My reply (psssst... I can trace IPs, dickpig... 'anonymous' means nothing to somebody who worked at an IT company):

I mostly moved here because I was tired of fucking your mother, father, and all of your other relatives. It was like throwing a hot dog down a warm shaft coated with lukewarm cream of mushroom soup.

"Asshat?" Cutting edge, baby. Do they have broadband back there in 1997?

Wow, I see Kumamoto is still all kinds of messed the 'f' up...

Sex worker arrested for stuffing baby's body in station locker

SAGA -- A sex worker has been arrested for stuffing an infant baby's body into a locker at JR Saga Station, police said.

Azusa Kurita, 23, a sex business employee of no fixed address, was arrested Sunday for the illegal disposal of the body of a newborn baby, which was found at the station on Dec. 6.

Kurita admits to the allegations.

"I gave birth to the baby in about mid-November," Kurita told the police.

Police said that at around noon on Nov. 29, Kurita stuffed the newborn girl's naked body into a coin-operated locker at JR Saga Station.

Police said items found in the locker led them to Kurita. They received a tip-off that she was in Kumamoto Prefecture and Saga Prefectural Police found her in Kumamoto on Saturday night.

An autopsy on the baby's body failed to determine the exact cause of death and further tests will be carried out. Judging by the state of the baby's body, it had been dead for about one week before it was found, but it showed no visible signs of injury.

The investigation into the case continues.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Steve Albini radio interview AND HAROLD AND KUMAR 2!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New term for asshole...


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Look, nifty footage of nothing in particular!

My buddy and former boss/guru Aaron took this while we were vacationing in Kansai. This is the courtyard surrounding the truly stupendous Himeji castle in Japan.


Yeah, so where have I been? Well, I moved. Shortly after moving I ended up doing an English-OS reinstall of windows xp pro that wiped my drivers, so I had to hunt those down. I also dicked around with a thumb-drive linux program called Pendrivelinux, but don't consider that a plug because the jury, indeed, is still out. I just wanted experience on another OS, that's all, but really I intend to keep plugging away with XP, seeing as how I can get a job just by knowing how to not completely destroy it.

Here are some pictures of my new apartment. Essentially I have reached the 'I am not buying anything else' phase, as today I finally picked up a fridge and a VCR so I could watch videos/feed a TV image to my projector. Note the horrific rat's next of male dependency on the floor... I will have to hide all those cables in the future.


Dig it: BOOYAH.

Review of Fatal Flying Guilloteens 'Quantum Fucking' LP, which finally came out after I bumped the shit out of the demos in Yatsushiro TWO YEARS AGO. The press release states that "it is a record about fucking and taking a lot of drugs."

Yes mom, we had fun on tour.


Upcoming events: Tokyo Dark Castle, Web 2.0 in Harajuku, intermixi's spring Japan trip, Fantasia Glamorous Night,