Saturday, December 01, 2007

Look, nifty footage of nothing in particular!

My buddy and former boss/guru Aaron took this while we were vacationing in Kansai. This is the courtyard surrounding the truly stupendous Himeji castle in Japan.


Yeah, so where have I been? Well, I moved. Shortly after moving I ended up doing an English-OS reinstall of windows xp pro that wiped my drivers, so I had to hunt those down. I also dicked around with a thumb-drive linux program called Pendrivelinux, but don't consider that a plug because the jury, indeed, is still out. I just wanted experience on another OS, that's all, but really I intend to keep plugging away with XP, seeing as how I can get a job just by knowing how to not completely destroy it.

Here are some pictures of my new apartment. Essentially I have reached the 'I am not buying anything else' phase, as today I finally picked up a fridge and a VCR so I could watch videos/feed a TV image to my projector. Note the horrific rat's next of male dependency on the floor... I will have to hide all those cables in the future.


Dig it: BOOYAH.

Review of Fatal Flying Guilloteens 'Quantum Fucking' LP, which finally came out after I bumped the shit out of the demos in Yatsushiro TWO YEARS AGO. The press release states that "it is a record about fucking and taking a lot of drugs."

Yes mom, we had fun on tour.


Upcoming events: Tokyo Dark Castle, Web 2.0 in Harajuku, intermixi's spring Japan trip, Fantasia Glamorous Night,


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