Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let us decry the lack of Six Finger Satellite on youtube

All that I can really recommend is the live video of Race Against Space, off my favorite album by them, entitled Law of Ruins... although you can't hear the synths for shit. It's amazing how many of these new bands sound like they would owe something to 6FS, but let's face it... 6FS was, and it's collective members (who didn't OD) probably are STILL, about kicking your ass. They apparently practiced something like 5-7 nights a week, perfecting their razor-tight noise rock jams replete with synth and vocoder. They were inhuman, artful, soulless, sexy, and terrifying.

In short, they were a cutting-edge rock band when 'cutting edge rock band' meant something beyond haircuts.

Anyway, yeah, here I am in America. It's weird. I can't eat the food anymore. My favorite video store is closing so I bought like, 31 DVDs from them, and I picked up a delay pedal for my guitar/bass. Factor in the food, the other dvds, the hard drive I bought so I can leave my big computer at home, and the awesome CDs I grabbed and you could say that I actually, uh, spent money for once.


Next week will see me depart, although not before seeing Ghost In The Shell 2 in theaters AND catching FFG/Dimes/some other band live. Should be sweet. I am trying my best to get to a theater and watch movies ll day, but there have been a number or surgeries in my family so I have to pay attention to that. Family first (for once?).

I also met my niece for the first time. She's great. I was flabbergasted. I guess I have um, what do you call it? Responsibilities now. I talked to her in English and Japanese. Her grandparents talked to her in Dutch. She will be a bit confused, but still all and all pretty awesome.

Back to Yats next week for a spin by my old haunts and some mp3 trading with Jamie/Jovan. I started looking for a new place in Tokyo, but frankly my end up crashing at the old one for a month or so until I make a decision. I also have to start planning my trips around Asia as well. Korea is up first.

What's a good thing to bring my old co-workers from America? Reese's?


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