Thursday, May 31, 2007

Donald Fagan: Really talented dude. Also: creepy.

Is it just me or is Donald Fagan from Steely Dan the rapiest-looking motherfucker in the history of rapey-looking motherfuckers? Good lord, if that man came across as any more disturbing, he'd be offering to show some young kids some puppies in an arcade somewhere.

Anybody else he thinks he look like homeboy from The Damned?


Tracking through our sitemeter, it turns out a lot of people actually read this thing. A lot of them are newbies trolling for info about Yatsushiro (three good bars, several cool foreigners, and my ex-neighbor who thinks I'm on drugs), and the rest are hunting down Queens of the Stone Age, Shellac, and noise-rock stuff.

Good to see that I can bring my worlds together somehow. Next up, finding all those anal sex-loving models who are obsessive about mid-late 80's Japanese animation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave him alone, he is a GENIUS, they all look mad because it sucks being surrounded by stupidity for a lifetime

11:47 AM  

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