Monday, May 28, 2007

THIS is the world I live in, people!

OK, first off... I was walking through the park on Sunday, enjoying the lovely weather while wondering why I can't find a shirt to go with my new white blazer (WTF was I thinking?!?), and I came across sixty people dancing.

Like this:

And when I mean like this, I mean EXACTLY like the above video. When I asked about it, somebody called over a 'group leader' to explain the dance to me, while another person produced a cell phone for the purpose of playing the above video clip while the leader did the entire dance for me IN TIME to the video, which was 5 feet away from him and had no sound.

He was smartly dressed in a professional business suit and tie, with dress shoes. In the middle of a forest in Harajuku.

I was so moved I almost hugged him.

Fucking hell.

(Ed. note: one of the group laughingly referred to themselves as a 'cult.' Well, at least their honest?)


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