Thursday, May 17, 2007

I`m busy. Not dead.

Hey there.

Much to the chagrin of myself and anybody who appreciates fine displays of general malaise and flustered rancor, I have not had the time to update regularly. As far as a reason for this, I`d like to blame Tokyo, it`s scores of beautiful women, my ever-elongating hair, and my indescribably boring obsession with completing the 2級 Japanese grammar book that I bought off some guy in Aso.


So in and out in 30 seconds.

1. Looking for a new job, most probably in travel or entertainment. No, not `male stripper.`

2. Checking the possibility of visiting the US again if I still am working at this job in 2 months. Will probably visit LA, Vegas, Austin, New York whilst avoiding the shit out of that smog-filled scrotum of hopeless despair known as Houston.

3. Not playing music right now. Just don`t feel it, and if I`m going to do it I`m going to do it all the way.

4. What the hell does に限らず mean?

5. None of my old clothes fit so I am getting rid of them. I am also deep-sixing a lot of books and misc. things. Luckily the books are going to people and places that can use them. Throwing books away is a crime.

Especially comics.



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