Sunday, April 08, 2007

'She had a dick, man.'

Spent the day handling business and trying to relax. Best friend from up the street and I ended up getting shitfaced, listening to J Zay, and watching Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. I had plans for the evening, but I actually slept for once. I wish I could keep a decent sleep schedule, but it ain't happening. Sucks.


Records I want:

Big Business "Here Come The Waterworks"
Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" (Nowhere NEAR as shitty as some of his other stuff)
Wires on Fire (whatever... these dudes SLAY)
Fatal Flying Guilloteens "Quantum Fucking" (Former employees/older brothers... this shit WILL slay)
Nation of Ulysses "13 Point Plan to Destroy America"


Striked from the list! Things that no longer makes sense to talk about from this point on:

A. School: Seriously, who didn't get enough of this garbage the first time around? Reminiscing on stuff like this is just pointless and runs contrary to most of the experiences I know a lot of people had or have had. Maybe you did enjoy school. If you did, good for you, that's cool. Me, I run into people I went to school with for years and they treat me like a fucking war hero, when in reality I barely spoke to anybody because for four years I was surrounded by humorless watered-down future members of some Mike Harris Toronto conservative party.

B. Mom and dad: "My family" this, "my family" that... let's hear it for dysfunction once in awhile. I'm pretty sure my family would throw me to a pack of wolves if they felt like it, and I'm probably a better person for it.

C. "I hate Japan" followed by 20 minutes of non-stop bitching. Just get a ticket home. Sell your shit and leave. We're not talking brain surgery.

D. Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

E. Le Mepris: We broke up because one dude couldn't get along with another. That simple.

F. "What part of Europe are you from?" Compton, uh, Dre found me in the slums.


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