Thursday, April 05, 2007

March to fuzz / March to fired

30 in 30/1.


Just spent a week in Kyushu. It was nice overall, although towards the end I had a bad luck streak that has only continued.

The roundup, you ask?


- Girls
- Came out of retirement again on the drinking thing (well, 3 beers)
- Ipod broke
- Ex-bosses stick their tongues up my Hershey
- Stabbed in the hand cleaning up somebody's mess
- Glasses broke
- Think I might marry an OL.
- Mt. Aso death march from 4:30 AM onward.
- Old creepy Japanese woman admonished me to do the deed that my Jamaican college roommates advised me against
- Hung out with the OTHER angry black dude I'm best friends with
- 'What part of Europe are you from?' x 1000
- May be getting pledged to enroll in a black fraternity. I'm not kidding you.
- Portugal 3 ROCKING ME FROM THE FLOOR UP. Thanks Kazuki!
- 11 hour-deep Nyquill pass-out

The death of the ipod was a problem that could not have come at a worse time. I sincerely hope whoever checked my unit gets a vitamin deficiency and has to spend 2 or 3 hours in a state of great agony and boredom whilst getting a blood transfusion. Or Hepatitis.

Where the fuck am I going to put the new Dinosaur album?


Anyway, life's playlist:

Mudhoney (first two records)
Dinosaur Jr (You're Living All Over Me)
Karp (self-titled)
God's Temple of Family Deliverance
Mobb Deep (Assorted... just any song about killing people, really)
Locust (Plague Soundscapes)
English Beat (singles: Save it For Later/Mirror in the Bathroom)
The Jam (Eaton Rifles)
Sade (Any... 'natch)
Chavez (any)