Monday, March 05, 2007

Take a stretch and warm up: 30 for 30.

I am the kind of over-accomplishing cockhole guy who has `Winter projects.` When it`s cold outside and I am trying to save money, I find it`s nice to have something to focus on that will keep me from getting loaded too much, putting on 10 pounds, or casually watching my career oppurtunities and friendships self-destruct.

(For any of you wondering, I am 2 for 4 this year)

Last year it was completing my intermediate Japanese course (終わった!) and moving to Tokyo (めんどうくさい!).This year I am focusing on completing the kanji requirements for the second level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, expanding the profile of my export company, and making a truly harrowing attempt at facial hair. The latter is a much-derided inability of mine, but I figure since my day job could be described as `be awesome, talk shit, compare notes about juvenile delinquency with other people that don`t really belong there`, they`ll definitely let me slide on the week and a half of growth that I already have on my face.

As a reminder to stay up in this bloggin` bitch like a fat kid on a piece of cheesecake, I have decided to do 30 posts in as many days. Sometimes I may double up or make allowances for traveling or pocky addiction, but regardless I am driven to knock a bunch out. You`ll have plenty of time to ponder why Yatsushiro`s answer to L from Death Note is not dead in a gutter or something.

Tomorrow: Dean Morgan Academy and I get a divorce.

Later: Golden Gai, graduation, Goth night triple-header.


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