Monday, January 29, 2007

Fuck you, 'Lumine.'

'Cuz City Hunter ain't makin' no moves in front of that shit.

Mycity, the Tokyo institution, upped and changed it's name to Lumine EST last year. Lame. This is the equivalent of the Monroeville Mall in PA (that's the US for all of our international readers) chucking all the cool shit out they had in the Dawn of The Dead movie.

Let's face it, Shinjuku... you're a shitty part of the city. You're over-crowded, you're annoying, and you generally look like a bunch of buildings made of syphillus and painted up with a nice neon-tinted case of AIDS. At least when you had 'MyCity' you had a piece of art that resonated through 80s/90s movies and animation. 'Lumine' just sounds like a new brand of douche.

Tokyo... the city where if it's NOT 120 years old, it must be burned down or changed.


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