Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google buys Youtube; Shitty Bloggers Everywhere Terrified.

Since I'm working off a cold that may as well be called "InfluenzaAIDSPolioTB 2006-a-pooloza", I haven't been updating much. I apologize, but fucking hell... the NoKos are busy setting off nukes and shit, so I'm busy getting dressed for the H-bomb. At least give me a few moments of joy before I proceed to bum you the hell out.

With that said...

In a move recalling the days when that asshole from Gothic.net had a chance to do something with his life beyond being broke and sad, Google bought Youtube for 1.6 billion or some shit.

Now every "I don't need content if I just link shit from Youtube!" writer out there is chunking in their pants, and every slash-dot (note: this still sounds like kid-porn phrasing) doink is posting about it like anybody gives a shit what some network admin thinks.

My opinion? Good for them. Now to use some of that crack software they have online to save as many videos as I can.


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