Monday, September 18, 2006

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl is back! (At your own risk)

From the Kumamoto JET list... yes, I still keep up with this shit.

" Yoshinoya will again begin to sell GYUDON. The ban on US beef and Yoshinoya's unwillingness to use beef from other countries as a substitute have kept Yoshinoya from selling gyudon for over two years.

This is a very very happy day. Yoshinoya will sell gyudon at all of its stores on Monday. The lack of sufficient US beef, though, will prevent Yoshinoya from selling it in all of its stores after Monday. It will come back in full force eventually, but for now it is just Monday. Gyudon sales will be very limited during September and October, so your best chance is now.

I imagine that some of you have never had gyudon before...all I can really say is that you cannot miss this important chance to taste the melt-in-your- mouth deliciousness of gyudon at Yoshinoya. You won't regret it."

What I think home dude really means is that if you'd like to have some bad beef over greasy rice for a hugely inflated price, then TODAY'S YOUR DAY!


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