Thursday, August 09, 2007

Japan withdrawal: Rock vs. Sushi.

I have been visiting America for the past 10 days or so, hence the disturbing lack of updates. Before that, I was sick and homeless for a bit.

Fun month.

First off, a shout-out to the new victi-, er, inhabitants of Yatsushiro. There's a good record store in Kumamoto called On The Corner past Kamitori, run by a dude named Akutagawa. You can buy Lightning Bolt records and Birthday Party bootlegs there. Otherwise, I suggest trolling for a favorite bar. You may need it, and there's no better way to practice Japanese.

For the past week, I was on tour with The Fatal Flying Guilloteens and Pelican around the south of the US. I have had the experience of going through the south before, but this is the first time I'd driven through the deep south for an extended period of time, and it was pretty interesting. The people were nice, the coffee was plentiful, and it was great seeing live rock music again without paying 20 bucks for it.

People talk a lot of shit about the south, but it mostly originates from blanket generalizations and mean-spirited mass-market communication orifices. I found that when you took the time to talk to people about their lives and what they do and where they're from, they were really cool. Hell, I have far more unpleasant experiences when communicating with people in Tokyo on a daily basis than I did as a long-hair in the south of the US.

Also, every other woman in Georgia is fucking gorgeous. Former Yatsu-ite Faith never
let us on in this, and I will never forgive her. Damn it.

Atlanta: Awesome/tired
Athens: Awesome/nobody there
Pensacola Florida: Terrifying/no show
Baton Rouge: Good show/creepy neighborhood
Austin: Loud/busy/Girls/Twin brother stopped by
Denton: Nice people/5 hour drive home in the dark

Anyway, aside from that, I caught the Simpsons flick, which was fun, and I've been buying CDs like I will be put in a space capsule soon. I have been re-learning to play guitar and I want to go buy some new pedals, but I want to make myself study a bit more. I feel my speaking lapsing, but I am trying to do some Japanese every day.