Monday, December 10, 2007

Wow, I see Kumamoto is still all kinds of messed the 'f' up...

Sex worker arrested for stuffing baby's body in station locker

SAGA -- A sex worker has been arrested for stuffing an infant baby's body into a locker at JR Saga Station, police said.

Azusa Kurita, 23, a sex business employee of no fixed address, was arrested Sunday for the illegal disposal of the body of a newborn baby, which was found at the station on Dec. 6.

Kurita admits to the allegations.

"I gave birth to the baby in about mid-November," Kurita told the police.

Police said that at around noon on Nov. 29, Kurita stuffed the newborn girl's naked body into a coin-operated locker at JR Saga Station.

Police said items found in the locker led them to Kurita. They received a tip-off that she was in Kumamoto Prefecture and Saga Prefectural Police found her in Kumamoto on Saturday night.

An autopsy on the baby's body failed to determine the exact cause of death and further tests will be carried out. Judging by the state of the baby's body, it had been dead for about one week before it was found, but it showed no visible signs of injury.

The investigation into the case continues.


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