Thursday, May 31, 2007

Donald Fagan: Really talented dude. Also: creepy.

Is it just me or is Donald Fagan from Steely Dan the rapiest-looking motherfucker in the history of rapey-looking motherfuckers? Good lord, if that man came across as any more disturbing, he'd be offering to show some young kids some puppies in an arcade somewhere.

Anybody else he thinks he look like homeboy from The Damned?


Tracking through our sitemeter, it turns out a lot of people actually read this thing. A lot of them are newbies trolling for info about Yatsushiro (three good bars, several cool foreigners, and my ex-neighbor who thinks I'm on drugs), and the rest are hunting down Queens of the Stone Age, Shellac, and noise-rock stuff.

Good to see that I can bring my worlds together somehow. Next up, finding all those anal sex-loving models who are obsessive about mid-late 80's Japanese animation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Douchebags and dating: human contact is over-rated.

"Remember, the first three visits are really nothing more than three dates... and on the first three dates we don't have sex with a man or have him stay at our place overnight." - The Rules

"What's this 'we' shit, white boy?" - Tonto, replying to a hopelessly out-numbered Lone Ranger

Hey Chunklet, add something else to the list!

A lot of people feel I am a negative person. I do not share this view. For years, I have maintained a thoroughly (and BRUTALLY) realistic outlook on life, and I dare say it has served me well.

The questions arising to how I developed this viewpoint could be foregone conclusions according to anybody who has a tendency to jump to a fundamental attribution error. "You were probably traumatized somehow," would be the common refrain. Yeah, you know what? I've been stabbed, beaten, shot at, left for dead, hospitalized, abandoned, whatever. I have watched every relationship I have ever had, from my brothers to my lovers, go straight down the drain. I have had people who I considered friends stab me in the back at their first convenience. And you know what? I don't think any of it has an impact on how I deal with people beyond being keenly aware of my surroundings.

I'm not a professional victim. Play the cards you're dealt.

I developed a corollary long ago: human beings are sacks of lying, manipulative, horrific shit. Somebody will attempt to hurt you ONLY if they think you cannot do them harm. Make no mistake... it is a cynical, awful, and unpleasant way of thinking.

It is also 100 percent true.

Take my business, for example. At first, I was very flexible. And people took advantage of that. I lost money that I needed for things like food and clothing because I gave the benefit of the doubt to people I should not have. But now I find myself saying 'no' so much more often that it has become a cadence.

And man, is it gratifying.

Self-centered? No. I've never left somebody hanging out of sheer spite, no matter how much I've wanted to. I'm hardly an emotional vampire, feeding on misfortune or reveling in it. I'm not hyper-social, but I'm only mean when I feel cornered, so take that as you will. I feel honest in that regard. I can't fit the square peg in the round hole anymore.

(ANnnnNNNnnnnnd 'girlfriend joke')

Shakespeare once wrote something along the lines of 'A man's good is interned with his bones.' For the most part, this is true. People will find grounds for criticism and exclusivity anywhere. Hell, people make careers out of it. I've been paid to do it because of the internet chicken-hawking this page (thanks, JET!). People watch TV programs to see it (American Idol), or read books about it, like 48 Laws of Power or any number of guides about AVOIDING criticism or utilizying tactics that will provide him or her an 'edge' in life.

Being 'good' has no influence in life at the end of the day... in Platonic circles, being good was seen as it's own reward. Where are the Elysian Fields? Nowhere on your GPS. Some of the most beautiful and wonderful people in the world will die unloved and abused. Yet people will worship serial killers for years as they sit in a white room, waiting to die in a far more humane manner than they granted their victims.

Think of it this way... if the point of Christianity is 'God loves everyone', why do people feel morally satisfied when decrying other people as sinners or fools? If God really loved everyone, he would not require lip-service. You would have no exclusivity. You would be LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

Expect the pain. Don't give anybody anything you're not willing to lose. Everything else is just social proof.

"Never underestimate THE OTHER guy's greed."

Monday, May 28, 2007

THIS is the world I live in, people!

OK, first off... I was walking through the park on Sunday, enjoying the lovely weather while wondering why I can't find a shirt to go with my new white blazer (WTF was I thinking?!?), and I came across sixty people dancing.

Like this:

And when I mean like this, I mean EXACTLY like the above video. When I asked about it, somebody called over a 'group leader' to explain the dance to me, while another person produced a cell phone for the purpose of playing the above video clip while the leader did the entire dance for me IN TIME to the video, which was 5 feet away from him and had no sound.

He was smartly dressed in a professional business suit and tie, with dress shoes. In the middle of a forest in Harajuku.

I was so moved I almost hugged him.

Fucking hell.

(Ed. note: one of the group laughingly referred to themselves as a 'cult.' Well, at least their honest?)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I`m busy. Not dead.

Hey there.

Much to the chagrin of myself and anybody who appreciates fine displays of general malaise and flustered rancor, I have not had the time to update regularly. As far as a reason for this, I`d like to blame Tokyo, it`s scores of beautiful women, my ever-elongating hair, and my indescribably boring obsession with completing the 2級 Japanese grammar book that I bought off some guy in Aso.


So in and out in 30 seconds.

1. Looking for a new job, most probably in travel or entertainment. No, not `male stripper.`

2. Checking the possibility of visiting the US again if I still am working at this job in 2 months. Will probably visit LA, Vegas, Austin, New York whilst avoiding the shit out of that smog-filled scrotum of hopeless despair known as Houston.

3. Not playing music right now. Just don`t feel it, and if I`m going to do it I`m going to do it all the way.

4. What the hell does に限らず mean?

5. None of my old clothes fit so I am getting rid of them. I am also deep-sixing a lot of books and misc. things. Luckily the books are going to people and places that can use them. Throwing books away is a crime.

Especially comics.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


"You'll be getting about 350,000 dollars."




I guess I don't have a reason for putting off that iPod and that suit I've been looking at.