Thursday, December 20, 2007


Screaming Arubeto David at a crucified Santa exhibit. Is it Christmas already?

I certainly hope everybody is having a festive holiday season, and that you are all stoked for the upcoming birthday of everybody`s favorite Zombie. Ditto to my pork-dodging brethren out there as well.

Me? I need a vacation, yo.

Tokyo is a blast, as always, but I am starting to feel just a bit constricted. I have a lot going on here, and like a lot of people time management is a hard thing for me... it`s not uncommon for me to sit idly and stare at my wall for long periods, especially since I copped a projector. I`m ready to slow down, but like a lot of people my work is becoming my life, in that I socialize to get more contacts, build a network, get a better job, learn more about web marketing, etc.

It can be alienating, or fun, depending on the mood and the ego of the person I happen to be commiserating with at the time.

Lately I have been gripped by an oddly hollow and exhausted feeling. A few of my friends left the country, and it`s been odd having them not be here anymore... it`s not like I was superdependent on them or anything, but we had so much in common and shared those odd, unspoken and archaic bonds of young dudes who are making their way in a world that would just assume kill them and take the gold out of their teeth than acknowledge them.

Plus, frankly, we were fucking freaks, and that goes a loooong way when you`re in a country filled with normal people. It`s not like I`ll be talking about Mayhem with anybody at my office any time soon.

But alas, there you are, a little bit older and with your buddies back home. At least I have a decent amount of money saved up. I`m also dating WAY the hell out of my ever-decreasing league, which is nice.

Links and other information to come tomorrow.

* = I make it out 2 or 3 times a week, but lately I find that I`m often watching Ghost in The Shell and Heroes whilst trying to stay warm at the new crib instead of, you know, interacting with other living beings or seeing `the puss.`


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