Saturday, August 19, 2006

I get the best IM's pt. 5: Going for BROKE.

Evin Relocation:

Drubicle: cool. didnt know you had a blog

Evin Relocation: you didn't?

Drubicle: nopers

Drubicle: i know now

Evin Relocation: You realize I have to pee in your mailbox now, right?

Drubicle: aww sheeiit

Drubicle: that would be difficult. youd have to stand on something to pee in my mailbox to get it all in

Evin Relocation: do you have some kind of super mailbox?

Evin Relocation: Optimus Prime in mailbox form?

Drubicle: no its just like 4 feet tall

Drubicle: HAHA

Drubicle: yes he morphs

Evin Relocation: sir, I can stick my dick in something four feet tall.

Drubicle: well youd have to get on your tippy toes

Evin Relocation: midgets are underrated. word to fantasy island.

Drubicle: haha


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