Saturday, August 19, 2006

I get the best IM's pt. 3

sssdddccc: not sure if she thought of it or not, but a girl i know has "i'm all up in that pussy like cervical cancer" as her away message.
that's some cold-blooded shit, man.

Evin Relocation: that's too mean-ish for me

Evin Relocation: i mean, it's a GOOD turn of phrase, but pussy time is fun time

sssdddccc: yeah, i was like...whoa.

Evin Relocation: unless you're (EX'S NAME), then it's "your huge and it hurts and ow!"

sssdddccc: kids these days.

Evin Relocation: hence = JAPAN.

sssdddccc: you should require boc's "godzilla" to be played during sex over there.

sssdddccc: that'd be some fine pipe-layin' music.

Evin Relocation: hahahah

Evin Relocation: "oh no! there goes tokyo!"

sssdddccc: totally.


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