Monday, July 17, 2006

Some links.

So the door is closing on the "Yatsushiro" part of Yatsushiro Radio. Several of the JETs from the area have already left, and I'm preparing to as well. Since this site has basically turned into my personal blog anyway I'll continue to update, with a focus on Japan and Japanese cultural events. I figure YR is now more of a metaphysical concept now, so location doesn't matter... something like when you're alone and you want to connect with other people, but you just don't know if you can broadcast properly.

I'm finished being emo.

Shut up.

I guess the big news is that I'll be published again soon in a major Japanese cultural magazine. I pitched 4 ideas and they bought two, so I spent a good portion of my weekend editing writing and cleaning my apartment for the next guy. I'm entertaining various work options and interviewing with some good companies, but there's nothing I'm comfortable speaking about in a public forum right now. I may start writing a book in the late fall as well, although I'm going to try and sell it before I do the grunt work.

Anyway, here are some goodbye links:

Woman admits to murder of daughter. This story has been on the news non-stop for a few weeks now. Totally warped lady murdered two children, including her own daughter, whom she felt was "annoying."

Tokyo Toy Fair. Happened this past weekend in Tokyo, and included some truly cool toys.

Youtube: Now featuring TOTAL SHIT. BTW, it's funny to note that this guy looks like every fat "art" girl I went to school with.


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