Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fun with photos.

Or "what is this crazy shit?"

This is a building I saw on Route 3, one of the big roads running through Yatsushiro. I can't really do it justice with a camera phone, but it is some straight up Batcave/Fortress of solitude type shit. It is apparently a furniture/waterbed store.

(Or where Dr. No launches the rocket that destroys us all. I can't be sure.)

Found this in a vintage shop in Kumamoto. Apparently Sebastian Bach has a fan left. Somewhere.

Finally somebody puts EXACTLY how I feel about travel right on my luggage tag. 27 hours of travel during the "return to Japan" trek last week.

Jesus: The Video Game.

Don't worry. If you die, you get to live again.

Kimura Construction building on Route 3. This is the company that is now in the hot seat for improper buildings and whatnot, leading to an interesting game of musical chairs during parliamentary testimony.

Repeat after me, witnesses: "I'm sorry. IT'S HIS FAULT! NOT MINE! THAT GUY! OVER THERE!"

The front door and shutters. Notice "please don't kill us" message.

The front door. So many warnings, so little space.


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