Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We're back. You can SMELL the seasonal depression!

Greetings. Welcome back to the show. Did you miss us? No? Well, fuck you. We're here anyway. Get me a cup of brandy before I punch your daughter in the forehead.

Yes, it's been reticent here. Why? Well, after the JLPT I could have sworn that I had a stroke. I took an entire month of studying and am just now getting back up to fighting speed. Then I went home. But don't worry folks: this week is CONTENT-POOLOOZA, and you'll be knee-deep in smart-assery that you can use to your heart's content.

You might even get a new broadcast. Hint. Hint.

2005 Personal Best of:

Best movie: Downfall.

Best record: "Head for the Shallow" by Big Business. Was anything else good released this year? A strong showing from perennial favorites Lightning Bolt, but aside from that...

Best orientation shenanigan: Pissing off an entire table of uptight ALTs from the surrounding prefectures by making an innocuous crack about Japanese sitting habits.

Best insult: Unidentified man to Lance Walker, Houston music scene magnate: "Lance, in the words of Scarface, you can suck my dick while I take a shit."

Best insult in terms of sticking in my mind: (See above).

Best "who made this shit up?" moment: The previous tenant of my apartment, claiming that somebody told him I had expressed an intention to send poison to his house.

Best "somebody ate paint chips" moment: Whoever claimed I did that.

Best debilitating DVD addiction: Mine. Over 45 last year.