Saturday, November 19, 2005

Here, have some stuff...

Legendary KO are from Houston. They brought us the now-classic George Bush Don`t Like Black People jam, and are now offering a free mix tape, so don`t sleep on it. I put it on my iPod yesterday and have been bumping thangs like a blind man with Parkinson`s during an earthquake.

How will I deal with the imminent mid-year seminar? Same way I dealt with that first three redundant orientations. Ipod and The Birthday Party.

Free power pop mp3s from the first four Yellow Pills compilations. Because my playing "Don`t Look Back" by The Remains all the time is JUST NOT ENOUGH.

Northern white crap that talks back. The Fall suck and rule at the same time. Awesome. Here is a live clip of Psycho-mafia from 1978. Here is one of "Smile" from 1983.

When peole want to know what kind of record I play when I want to go out and kick the shit out of something, I recommend Burmese. Man these guys are FUCKED UP.

Family Guy tops itself. Holy shit, son.

Arnie in Brazil. Because California`s governer just could not be any more damn weird. Scared the crap out of the people I showed it to so far.


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