Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Conversations I am glad to not have to participate in anymore.

Random people asking me about illicit drugs: Not a fan of them, don't recommend them, don't use them, have no interest in 'em. Don't know why people insist or perceive me to. A petite bourgeoisie conceit forced upon the privileged, and a life-destroyer forced upon those that could be bettering themselves and their communities.

My boyfriend treats me like shit, I was I could meet a guy like you... who isn't you: Ouch. Just because you decided that Captain Jeff Date Rape of the SS Sleeps Around was a good choice for a serious BF doesn't make me doctor Phizz-ill. Being alone isn't that bad. God made ipods and books for a reason.

"Why is this late?": No more messenger shooting for me, although an outsourced deadline was missed last week. Dammit.

"Should I quit my job?" Don't wrestle with this one. Get a pad of 6 months living fees and do it if you hate it. I only hang onto mine for a visa at this point, and have far more interest in my contracting gigs. I'll be damned if I ever feel threatened by work again. Why worry? Work will always be there.

"Star Trek vs. Star Wars" - I got into Trek after the prequels proved that there was little going on in SW besides great music, cool effects, and a Kurosawa handjob festival. I don't stand by all of ST's MANY mis-steps, and only consider myself slightly above 'noob' status, but it has it's charms.

Subs vs. Dubs: Subs. Never can buy a foreign flick dubbed. I still own that Fox Lorber out-of-print Hard Boiled disc, and the dub is so bad that you think it was made of AIDS and napalmed-baby skin.

"Where should we go in Mid-town?" Answer: NOWHERE.

Man, old age has made me happy beyond belief. This is creepy.