Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Holy shit.... CHRISTIANS!

So yesterday afternoon I found myself running out to the local psuedo-Wal-mart to get some study flip cards so I could make up for ignoring 3 months worth of grammar lessons. Guess what I see at the back gate of the school?


Yep, two Japanese gideons were hanging out, passing out green guide books to the students. When I came back to the school I went back to the teacher's room and made sure to involve myself in a centuries old Japanese tradition: harassing Christians.

I explained that there were people passing out bibles at the back of the school, and that in a strongly secular nation like Japan this could be viewed as highly creepy. Christians are a VAST minority here. After all, we live in the area of Japan where a TON of Christians were killed, and Yatsushiro even has "secret Christian tombstones", which I've seen in books but unfortunately not in real life. I'm all about graves though, and as much as I like Japan, I find their graves boring. In Christian cemetaries you have the benefit of knowing that there is a rotting body/possible zombie under the ground, waiting to come back to life and choke your ass.


So yeah, the story here is you can't get away from those bible-sneaking Gideons. They will hunt you down to Kyushuu and make you dismiss their religion. What determination!


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