Friday, February 10, 2006

Live from Camp Sick Day.

Ok, so I'm sick. Not sick enough to exclude a Rocket From The Crypt reference in the title of today's post, but I still took a record one and a half sick days this week to recuperate before returning to work, and even now I'm feeling a little winded, funny, and groggy. My teacher was practically running to the teacher's room on the way back from class and asked me to hurry. Hey man, I've got enough lung butter going right now to float the queen Mary... hang on for a minute.

Regardless, I'm well enough now to show up, even though I can't, um, breathe. Nevertheless, this means that this week's podcast is off until I stop sounding like I belong in an iron lung. Too bad too, because I have really funny stories. Perhaps I'll record tomorrow instead.

And on to links:

More buildings condemned in Kumamoto. THANKS KIMURA!

Guide to British English. Because I'm sure all of my friends from the UK are tired of explaining shit to me. Granted, I won't talk like this, but it'll help me understand it. Now if only I could learn 'em something from DJ Screw.

The meaning of "Walk it off." German master filmmaker Werner Herzog gets shot during an interview and shrugs it off with "it was not a significant bullet." After hanging out with Klaus Kinski's crazy ass, not much can scare you. Video is here. Now I feel like a wuss for being sick.

Adding awesome to industry, Werner pulled Joaquin Phoenix (aka "You don't look like Johnny Cash, but you brought the heat in that flick, yo!") from a car wreck last week.

(By the way, if you're yet to see a Herzog film, you should get on the horse man. One of the few directors I've ever seen that makes me feel hopeful and sad at the same time. Aguirre: The Wrath of God will crush you, and Fitzcarraldo will bury you.)

New fave internet radio station?

Old on-air hip-hop mix tapes from the UK. Some dude is putting his collection up as time goes by.

Japanese internet group suicides double. Holy shit is that disturbing.

Information on freelance apartment guarantors and leaving the country. In honor of my friend who got deported and my other friend who just... left.

Have a safe weekend.


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