Friday, February 17, 2006

Links a plenty!

OK, here's the problem: I've been sick. I've been busy. I've been run ragged. So I haven't really updated. I'm basically taking a self-imposed slowdown so that I can pull my head out of my ass and function in some way again (aside from stealing an hour or so a night to watch Arrested Development on DVD), and in the meantime let me hit you with the lizz-inks.

Steve Albini audio lecture. Cool video from one of the best record engineers in the world. mp3 list. Good stuff. Cool demos from Pleasure Forever too, who were one of my college favorites and who still get a spin now and then at the house.

Vinyl Mine. A music-obsessive slowly but surely puts up his shit on mp3 as he converts from Vinyl to digital. Dig!

MC5 Kick Out The Jams video.

Video of the German group Can. Shit kinda rules.

1978 Japanese Spiderman episode. Subtitled, even!

Weekend fun for me:

Kagoshima City tourist guide.


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