Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Geek post: because you thought I was becoming respectable.

Well, first in the "bum-out" news is the fact that Central Park Media seems to be going titties up.

From Anime News Network:

CPM Lays off Staff, Prepares for Bankruptcy (2006-05-26 17:00:58)
Central Park Media laid off the majority of its staff today, maintaining only a small number to deal with "loose ends." We have been informed that "issues with creditors" arose last week, and the company is expected to file for bankruptcy next week. No further details about the creditor issues or bankruptcy filing are available.

(Above: Crap I bought/have to buy. VOTOMS on top, Patlabor TV/OVAs on bottom)

Well, hell. I just hope the rest of VOTOMS and the pre-ordered goodies I was promised with it come through. It's sad to see CPM go, but I always had the feeling they would get lost in the shuffle. They didn't really cater to "hip series 300339" of the year, nor did they bother with intrusive and annoying promotion.

I guess this is the siren call to buy the rest of Patlabor on DVD... which I've been meaning to do for years anyway. Also: DNA2. Also: Now and There, Here and Then.

(Oh, who am I kidding? I'll never get around to this shit before I'm retired.)


(Above: Anime pedophilia meets "Cash-cow-itis")

In "holy shit do you think people will buy this a FOURTH time?" news, ADV Films is releasing Evangelion. Again. Apparently this time it's a "premium boxed set" with more special collector's stuff. And I haven't even seen the platinum edition yet. Damn.

However, since I finally sat down and gave FLCL a dedicated spin I must admit that an Evangelion re-watch sounds fitting. Too bad I'm doing VOTOMS for a third time.


Oh, and in other "shows that I like but won't catch up on until I reach my mid-30s", ADV is NOT releasing Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid after doing both the original series and the second series. Oh, and two manga spin-offs. Funimation will be releasing it.

I'm sure somebody's going to end up missing Tuesday morning from work at ADV. Casino-style.



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