Tuesday, May 09, 2006

For all of you raging nerds out there...

MSN Mai-nichi ran a huge Evangelion special on Sunday to celebrate 10+ years of it's existence. I read that as "it was this, or we talk about that fucking ice skater again."

There's a bunch of parts up there, all linked from the bottom of that interview. I couldn't find a "main page," so just work your way through it and sort out the mess. Kind of like the series itself, really.

For all of you wondering "why the fuss?", keep in mind that this animation was, has been, and will remain HUGE in terms of monetary intake. I was once told by Matt Greenfield (muy importante ADV fella) that there was Evangelion TOOTHPASTE available during it's heyday.

(Oh ok... for all you people out there who have girlfriends that aren't your right hands, here be the wiki entry)

Evangelion was funny for me, because even though it blew up massively while not only making ADV huge but also greatly increasing the availability of geek stuff, I still thought it was just "ok." I wouldn't actively seek it out, mostly because the style of storytelling just confused the shit out of me, but I liked certain parts of it enough to say that it warranted a watch. I applaud it's attempt to burrow so deep into Jungian and Freudian concepts that you wanted to puke halfway through the story arc, but overall it was just too shambolic and dis-connected in it's raging post-modernism. The fog on the mirror overcame the reflection, so to speak.

So basically, I view Evangelion like I view The Rolling Stones: the good shit rules, the bad stuff is pointless. And yeah, Rei IS cute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being an Eva fan I appreciate that you posted this ;D Thanks a ton. I enjoyed the hell out of his views on the relationships between folks.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Yatsushiro Radio said...

Least I can do. If I see something interesting, I gotta put it up.

ADV's Williams clan used to run W.H.A.T., the "West Houston Anime Troupe", which was a solid weekend club that some of my friends and I would head to. They used to show us the pre-release masters of Evangelion before the show blew them into the stratosphere. Little did we know...

9:58 AM  
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